At Fortune Personnel Consultant of Cambridge our searches are highly personalized and relationship based, with an emphasis on commitment, communication, and long-term value. As trusted and reliable recruitment leaders we work with you throughout the entire hiring process. We utilize our extensive network and resources to identify a small pool of talented candidates. Our candidates are pre-qualified and prepared before they enter the interview process.

We know the candidate we place is filling a vital role in your company. Our goal is to fill the position with a candidate who will bring lasting value by making significant contributions to your organization.


We have a variety of search packages available to meet your hiring needs. We work on a Contingency, Exclusive Contingency, Container or Retained Search basis.

  1. Contingency – This is a great option especially when the urgency to hire is not paramount or the role is at a junior level.
  2. Exclusive Contingency – Creates a partnership between you and FPC of Cambridge. This arrangement gets a high-level of our attention and resources.
  3. Exclusive Container Search – This is a hybrid model between contingency and retained and solidifies our partnership and commitment to you. This model provides in-depth services, similar to a retained search model without the financial risk. An agreed upon flat fee is due at the commencement of the search and deducted on the final invoice. If we are not successful in presenting three highly-qualified candidates we will return the funds.
  4. Classic Retained Search – Secures our attention and highest level of priority to your position. We provide extensive reference checking and vetting of all candidates. A retained search provides client exclusivity on all candidates presented until you determine you are no longer interested in their candidacy. One third of the fee is due at the commencement of the search, the second third is due upon reaching a mutually agreed milestone. The third and final payment is billed to coincide with the candidate’s start date.