What are some key components for companies to consider for a successful recruitment-to hire-process?

A well-defined position description, agreed upon by decision-makers, and the interview team.

What is driving need for the role?

What does the successful candidate need to accomplish to satisfy your expectations? (Accomplishments speak to the opportunity at-hand and provides appeal for prospective candidates)

Articulating the “must haves” and know where there is flexibility.

Understand the culture of your company and who best fits.

A well-thought-out interview process, that includes the following:

  • Thorough phone interview and timely feedback
  • If candidate is to move forward timely scheduling of 1st level interview.
  • Take candidate out to dinner the night before or to breakfast the morning of the interview if time allows.
  • Be sure candidate’s seminar is well-attended.
  • Have well-defined interview questions for the interview team.
  • Candidate selects lunch (if brought in) prior to interview.
  • If candidate is going to remain in one conference room all day, allow for a 15-minute break or schedule a tour of the facility at a midpoint.
  • Why would the candidate want to work for your company? What sets you apart from your competition? How will this get conveyed?
  • Talent Acquisition or Hiring Manger provides timely feedback to your recruiter so the candidate feels respected during the interview process.
  • Personal follow-up by the hiring manager, or person in a leadership role, to the selected candidate, this makes for a positive impression and builds rapport. This is helpful in discussing the role in more detail, making sure expectations are clear, answering any questions and attracting your lead candidate to your company.
  • Once Company decides an offer is forth coming. Company shares pertinent information about the offer so your search consultant can pre-close the candidate and share back with you. This helps to insure the first offer is accepted.