Considering the investment that goes into securing each new hire the following are some key elements to consider before getting started

  • A well-defined position description that is agreed upon by decision-makers
  • Defining and articulating “must haves” vs. “nice to have”
  • What leadership and managerial qualities are required?
  • What is driving the need for the role?
  • What does the successful candidate need to accomplish to satisfy your expectations? (accomplishments speak to the opportunity at-hand)
  • Why would the candidate want to work for your company? What sets you apart from your competition? How will this get conveyed to the candidate?
  • Defined company culture

Thoughtfulness and momentum are critical components in the interview process

  • Timely feedback on CV submittals and phone interviews
  • Scheduling 1st level interview as quickly as possible
  • Take candidate out to dinner or breakfast if time allows
  • Be sure candidate’s seminar is well-attended
  • Have well-defined and developed interview questions
  • If candidate is remaining in the same conference room for duration of interview schedule a 15-minute break on his/her agenda
  • Thorough feedback on why a candidate is attractive to the company and if there are any concerns
  • Once final interview is completed and lead candidate is selected this becomes a critical stage in the process. Open communication and swift timeliness are paramount to ensure a successful outcome

Maria Beconi, Ph.D., CSO Retrophin Pharmaceuticals
“I worked with Aline in two different organizations, most recently at Retrophin, where she placed three Senior Scientists/Directors. Aline is a dedicated professional who takes the time to understand the customer needs and is able to find talented scientists. She has good follow through, and is a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Aline.”

Dr. Dong Xu Song, Scientist II at ImmuNext
“Beth was a great help during my long and tedious job-hunting. She not only helped me to prepare thoroughly for each step in my job-hunting, such as phone interview, onsite interview, etc., but also encouraged and supported me to face any frustration with her endless patience and enthusiasm. I truly feel lucky to have known Beth during my career transition and I do believe that the friendship with her will last far beyond my job-hunting. It is my honor to highly recommend Beth as an excellent recruiter.”

Agnes Huot, Experienced IT Leader in Greater Boston Biotech/Pharma
“I have worked with Laurie on both sides of the recruiting process – as a hiring manager and job candidate. She has a broad network, particularly in the Massachusetts biotech/pharma domain and with specialty expertise in the informatics domain. She truly works hard to understand the needs of a position and then sources the best-fit candidates. She also orients and coaches her candidates throughout the process.”

Robert Chao, Ph.D., Senior Consultant at Solid Pre-Formulation Sciences Consultant
“It is my pleasure to endorse Ms. Joellen Lane for her enthusiasm and support to many biotechnical professionals. In my opinion, Joellen is one of the best Executive Recruiters working in the field. She contacted me several years ago, regarding a position which did not match my background and interest completely; but she went to discuss with both sides and eventually established a new position. We have kept in contact since then. Joellen is the one and only person I would have trusted with my career, because of her communication skills, strong attention to detail, unparalleled work ethic.”